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I'm savely back in Scotland with my parents in tow, but while I was in Austria, I was busy drawing :)

The Atheist
My worst pic so far because I did not realise that the shapes were all wrong until I coloured it. I tried to fix one side of it and try to hide my corrections, but the other side was too yellow to allow for shape refining. In the end I posted it anyway because I thought it's all part of a learning process - and I now know to take a break after sketching and not just after colouring :)

Ed: profile
I was very proud of this one initially, but the longer I look at it, the more details I find that I would now do differently, but on the whole, I'm still very happy with it :)

Carry Me
A picture of Ed and Winry - because I love those two! It also happens to be the picture I am (still) proudest of - so far :)

And finally, I wrote a little ficlet to go with my earlier drawing "Awaiting Death"/that particular scene in the series - episode 5. So, yes, this contains spoilers for episode five and might not be of interest to the majority of my f-list because you are not familiar with the show, but I wanted to collect it here anyway.

"I will keep that promise," he says and seals my fate.

"Brother. No, brother! What are you trying to do?"

I should fight. Get up and fight. It is what I always do – fight, move forward. It was like that when mother died and later... even the Colonel knew I would choose the path of possibility and move forward, but now...

"What are you thinking? Run!"

I should fight, but how? He's too big, too fast, and too strong. Without my arm there is nothing I can do. I thought I understood. Alchemy was my answer for everything. Even now I'm trying to find a way to somehow do something. Mother, Nina, Al.... I could not help them. Not with alchemy. Giving up is the only way I have of protecting Al.

"Get up and run!"

I should fight. What does a man like him think of promises? Are they as easily broken as my arm and Al? He speaks of god, of punishment for my sins, my alchemy. Yet he uses alchemy himself. That hypocrite! If he does not keep his promise...


I should fight. I promised Al I would get his body back. I have to. It's my fault he cannot feel the rain on his face, my fault he is stuck in that suit of amour. I should be the one to get him out of there.

I can't. If I fight, if he fights, he is dead. I need to do this. I know he will find a way to get his body back without me. He will find a Philosopher's Stone and he will succeed where I failed.

"Don't touch him!"

I should fight. Al should not see me like this – not again. If it weren't for him I would have died that night. Today it is I who will save him. Only the Fullmetal Alchemist needs to die today. Not his brother. Al wouldn't even be in East City if it weren't for me. When I became a Dog of the Military I could have left him in Resembol, safe with Granny and Winry. Yet, to me it was always clear that Al would come along. Al knew it too. No, he would never have stayed behind.


I should fight. Somebody needs to get Al back together again. I guess there is no hiding anymore. Everyone will know what he is. Just a soul attached to an empty suit of armour by an idiot brother who was too weak to pull his whole body back out of there. I'm sorry, Al, but I cannot help you. There are other state alchemists. Major Armstrong likes his art. Just be sure to tell him that the seal must not be touched. He will fix you. Just don't forget about the seal. The seal must never be broken.

"No, you can't!"

Strange that I should be afraid. I have been through hell and I survived. What could possibly be worse than what happened that night in Resembol? My heart is pounding like it did then when I realised what had happened. It was not what it should have been and neither is this. If I die it should be in a fight. I never even landed a blow. Without my right arm... A state alchemist who can't use alchemy. Pathetic!

Strange how my eyes should close. So cold now. Is it fear or just the rain? Let it be the rain. Let Al feel it again someday. Let him be safe. I never meant for this to happen. I never meant to drag you into this, but I needed you. If it weren't for you I would never have got this far. Don't do anything stupid, Al. Don't be like me.

"Stop it!"

I can feel the heat of his hand by my ear.

I'm sorry, Al.

The End
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